Monday, September 01, 2003

University of Alabama Football Report for 8/29/03

Well, we're 24 hours away from the first step. Last year, in a back-up role, in an option offense, the Brodie threw for over 1000 yards.

Now he's the starter in a pro-style, throw-to-set-up-the-run (as best we can tell, since no one outside a crimson jersey has seen them in action) scheme. Some Rasputins are saying the Brodie breaks UA's career QB yardage record of 5000+ by the end of his junior year. And embarrasses it if he sticks around his senior year.

Furthermore, he's the son of Bear's All-American John Croyle, so he's a kool-aid drinker when it comes to the school and its tradition and its pomp. He very well may stay all 4 years.

Exhibit A: a quote from the Brodie on the subject of the offense's play calling, "Sometimes it's like you are reciting a poem out there."

Lord, can a heart this pure survive college football in the 21st century? I hope he can handle the pressure, much less live up to the hype. My over/under with the Bird Dawg is .500 -- 2 TDs to 2 INTs is my guess. We'll see how the Brodie fares under the scrutiny of wagering.

Incidentally, Bird Dawg is setting the line at 17 Bama but says the smart bet is USF and points. He is not a man of faith, a necessary sin in the bookie's trade.

Roll Tide.

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