Friday, October 10, 2003

University of Alabama Football Report for 10/10/03

The specter of behavioral economics haunted the University of Alabama’s coaching staff this past week. But thankfully Shula appears to maintain his rational maximizer credentials, confident that throwing the Brodie to the Dogs, literally, was the right decision.

And it was. Don’t let those fools suffering from hindsight bias tell you otherwise – even if they do write for The Tuscaloosa News. From acquiring food poisoning at a four-star bistro to making friends with a world-class point guard, bad results spring from good decisions all the time. Not all of them depend on the fullback laying down a block.

While we’re on the subject of ghosts, let’s address one that may be returning to Tuscaloosa tomorrow. It’s fitting that on homecoming weekend, Franchione’s presence may be felt once more. Yes, friends, with the team knocked down its third-string quarterback, the option might be slogged out again. Fitting yet ironic, too, the only reason Shula’s considering that QB meat grinder disguised as an offense is because his top choice signal callers have been reduced to ground chuck.

I stay upbeat by listening to soca or zouk music as much as possible: Lord Invader, Mighty Sparrow, even some newer stuff. As Bird Dawg calculates the line on tomorrow’s game, I argue that we should all have calypso names; it would add to general morale in these troubled times. He seems unimpressed and counters that official titles would loose their authority if scrolled out as “Officer King Melody” or the like.

Perhaps he has a point. It’s best to ignore the Dawg’s apocryphal connection to law enforcement.

Roll Tide.