Friday, September 26, 2003

University of Alabama Football Report for 9/26/03

The first step to get out of a hole is to stop digging. Bird Dawg and his associates would not suffer this advice with a welcome heart. A cad leaves the game when winning – only a corpse tries that trick when losing. Be that as it may, another game is upon us, friends.

After last week’s humbling by a MAC school, Alabama must make a statement. In the grammar of that sentence, the subject will doubtlessly be Shaud Williams. Whether this proclamation, like a preacher, predicts victory or, like the man himself, simply dies trying, is anyone’s guess. Last week, the line was stacked and one run accounted for half his yards in the game.

The University of Alabama Walking Wounded welcome another SEC team to Tuscaloosa tomorrow, and few on either side expect something less than a fight. Those Hogs are bigger than the Huskies and they know how to watch tape. The secret is out if it was ever kept: Our Blessed Saint of Rainbow City can be pulled to earth – pulled, dug under, rattled, and planted. Even an arm touched by God cannot throw when its owner is on his back.

Early blacksmiths had to learn through trial and error which metals could be counted on, which ones could be tested by fire and molded under the hard weight of the sledge. Hence, some ores were refined to become jewelry, other swords. After four games and an even split, the Brodie will reveal if he is merely silver or if he can be steel.

Roll Tide.