Friday, September 10, 2010

University of Alabama Football Report for 9/10/10

You ask what I know of youth, what I know of age.

I know youth is a curse one desires, age a gift one cannot request or refuse.

I know each autumn brings a winter and spring is never certain.

I know value in work and play, that doing away with either is foolish.

I know freshmen quarterbacks can play better than one thinks.

I know victory is life. I know examples teach. I know lessons fade.

I know the gospel of the Grand Experiment and the zone of proximal development.

I know when silence speaks and words fail.

I know art lies when it flatters.

I know I wake to sleep.

I know time is good for swollen knees and mellowed bourbon.

I know the tatters left of memory, the disappointments of family.

I know comfort is happiness poorly defined.

I know nothing more than my own limits.

I know a legend when I see one.

I know no difference between retirement and resignation.

I know Anytus and Meletus may indeed kill me, but they cannot harm me.

I know respect one owes rivals.

I know of floundering and steadying, the gasp of hell, the myth of heaven. I know no fear of death.

Roll Tide.