Friday, October 17, 2003

University of Alabama Football Report for 10/17/03

The 100th World Series begins tomorrow night, but not in Boston or Chicago. It’s a tempting week to believe in curses. But therein lies the trap: By extrapolation, if one buys into curses, one must also lay odds on blessing – ignoring the slightly less romantic world of actions and consequences. Also, my prejudice is to side with dynasty over doggerel, even if one’s preferred dynasty is a 3-½ point underdog in Faulkner’s hometown tomorrow.

Last week’s gameplan for Southern Miss – Avalos throwing the ball only seven times and only six times to men on the proper team – can be placed alongside this week’s news that China successfully launched a manned orbiter around the planet. Congratulations, boys, you’ve made it to the 1960s.

On the other sideline, this year’s much rumored Ole Miss running game is akin to Chinese democracy: a nice idea, but with little supportive evidence. Therefore, Eli “I am my own” Manning will be looking for the launching pad all day. If Alabama stands a chance to make up the predicted deficit against the Rebels tomorrow, they must enter the arms race. In this case, that term can be taken literally.

It’s 10 o’clock; do you know who your quarterback is? From the Alabama camp, the answer is “not tellin’.” However, I will be shocked if Our Blessed Saint of Rainbow City does not see some action tomorrow. And when I see Brodie Croyle do what he was born to do, wearing that number – Trammel’s and Namath’s and Stabler’s number – on his back, I’m tempted to believe in blessings all over again.

Roll Tide.