Saturday, September 15, 2012

University of Alabama Football Report for 9/15/12 is a game time decision

Were I a betting man (ah ha ha ha), Tyler Wilson won't be taking the field today. Were I an athletic director, I'd fire a coach who'd even consider it. Especially against Alabama's front seven, who are hellbenders for the denizens of the backfield. In many ways, it's too bad John L. Smith is already fired, hired to be fired, really. He's an almost too perfect fit for Arkansas football. Living on borrowed time, in debt to his eyeballs, and wholly halfcocked. Without Bobby Petrino, the Hawg offense has all the moving parts but no steady hand on the lever. Without, Wilson ... Well, there are still parts. And with John L. at the helm, those parts are already being scouted for salvage. Theoretically, each team finds its own way to lose to Louisiana Monroe. (Trust me on this.) However, John L.'s way involves sacrifice. Of his quarterback. Of his job. Of his benefit of the doubt. It is said that only a madman or a despot is free of doubt. And with last week's loss, perhaps John L. has finally achieved sanity. If Vegas is to be believed, he has already lost his troops. One must pay a price to be sane in our world. To one's pride or to one's pharmacist. So, for Alabama and its season, we would do well to ignore Vegas. That is, if we wish for our particular insanity to continue. Roll Tide.